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What is A Calming Pet Bed?

A calming pet bed is a special cushion on which dogs and cats can lie down to sleep, relax, and, most importantly, soothe their mental stress and physical pain. Its anti-anxiety benefits, which is achieved through smart design and the use of soft, warm materials, set it apart from conventional pet beds. It is particularly useful for senior pets, pets that are recuperating from surgery or illness, and timid shelter rescues that are still adjusting to their new environments.

Common Features of Calming Pet Beds

Calming pet beds are typically made with soft, plush, skin-friendly materials that provide maximum warmth and comfort to your pets. Faux fur effectively mimics the fur of your pet’s mother and consequently helps them relax and sleep.

Calming pet beds are usually designed to make your pet feel stable and secure while on it. The raised rims not only help correct or maintain your pet’s good posture but also provide a sense of protection. The center must be well-supported so your pet will not sink too low down the cushion and get hurt or feel even more scared. The bottom has to be skid-resistant to keep the bed in place even when your pet moves or shifts a lot while sleeping or relaxing.

The covers of calming pet beds are typically antibacterial but they must also be easy to wash to eliminate fur balls, stains, and unpleasant odors.

Calming pet beds in the market typically vary in size and colour, much like our cute furry friends. The excellent products we offer at Calming Pet Beds Australia possess all the cool features mentioned above and come in colours and sizes that are suitable for most dog and cat breeds. Below is a simple guide in choosing the best bed size for your pet. The dimensions indicated are base diameter x outer diameter.

Small. This product measures 60 cm and works best for cats, puppies, and small dogs like dachshunds and toy poodles.

Medium. This product, with dimensions 70 cm, is suitable for pugs, small cavoodles, maltese, shih tzu, and other breeds of similar size.

Large. This product, which measures 80 cm, is for large cavoodles, labradors, German shepherds, and other breeds of similar size.

Our calming pet beds, which have a minimalist design, are available in grey, light grey, and pink.


Why Buy A Calming Pet Bed? Here Are Reasons Why You Should

A good calming pet bed helps improve the health and wellness of your pet by keeping them warm and easing their stress, anxiety, and mild body pains. It does not only help your pet sleep and relax but also make them feel secure and protected even when you are not around.

Calming pet beds are a quick, simple solution to your pet’s anxiety and they will help you raise the overall quality of pet care that you provide.

Our pets are family and no level of care is too much when they are concerned. A calming pet bed is all you need to give your pet maximum comfort and convenience!

Making the Most Out Of Your Calming Pet Bed

It is possible that your pet will initially ignore the calming pet bed and choose not to sleep on it but there are quick fixes for this. In the first few days, you may use your T-shirt or any cloth with your smell on it to cover the base and rims. You may also try luring them onto the bed using treats and give them praise, rubs, and more treats once they are on it. Placing the bed on or near your pet’s favorite spot in the house also helps.

The product is also easy to clean and maintain and durable enough to withstand frequent proper washing. It can be hand-washed or machine-washed using mild soap and a gentle spin cycle. Air-drying or tumble-drying on low are recommended.

For more approved cleaning and maintenance tips, reading the care instructions in the product package is highly advised.

Guaranteed Best Price 

The price of calming pet beds differs according to the size that is most suitable for your dog or cat. It is important to note that buying one will surely give your pet the fast relief and quality sleep that it deserves. The convenience and the high-quality materials it is made with, is worth every dollar spent.. Most importantly, it is sold at a guaranteed best price!


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